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Furniture Ecommerce Lessons from a Blockbuster Boxing Day

By Blueport Team Jan 12, 2016 8:21:07 AM

December was a record-breaking sales month for retailers on the Blueport Platform, and we are ecstatic to cap off 2015 with another Blockbuster holiday—Boxing Day. Boxing Day surpassed Cyber Monday as the largest sales day across the Blueport Platform to date, generating 419% year-over-year sales growth. Growth was driven by the addition of Canadian retailers to the Blueport platform, compounded by new and existing Canadian retailers growing an average of 45% compared to last year.

In this post, we’ll dig into the factors that contributed to our clients’ success this Boxing Day and the insights that will help with future holiday planning on the Blueport Platform.

Read more about Blueport’s Boxing Day results in our recent Press Release.

Weekend Revenue Surged through Compelling Online Offers

This year, our Canadian partners offered online Boxing Day promotions starting Christmas Eve. Extending online offers throughout the weekend led to a huge uptick in overall sales. Christmas Eve in particular saw a 163% year-over-year increase for our Canadian retailers.

This is a particular gratifying statistic for those of us who’ve been in the furniture ecommerce industry for some time. Big-ticket categories aren’t often thought of as holiday purchases, yet this year’s results hint at the power of a great omnichannel experience in enabling these purchases, with average orders of $902.70 and explosive growth across all key performance indicators.

2015 Investments in Mobile Technology had a Huge Payoff

With shifting consumer preferences and our investment in platform mobile capabilities, mobile usage grew sharply across the Blueport Platform in 2015 and this holiday was no exception. Visitors coming from a mobile device Christmas Eve through Boxing Day grew 47% compared to Boxing Day last year.

Transitioning our platform to a mobile responsive design was critical to delivering a great shopping experience for the growing numbers of mobile visitors we saw this year. Mobile accounted for 14% of all sales this holiday, representing a 67% spike in mobile conversion rate.

Additionally, our clients utilized mobile friendly emails, critical to generating traffic during a holiday period when most shoppers were away from their PCs, shopping on a mobile phone or tablet.

Platform Enhancements Throughout the Year Provide a Seamless Path to Purchase

The Blueport Platform has the agile benefits of being hosted on a cloud solution, allowing us to provide swift, continuous improvements to our platform and our clients’ websites every two-weeks. And, our focus on furniture ensures that our site enhancements are specific solutions to the unique omnichannel challenges of selling big-ticket items like furniture.

Our clients’ success this weekend reflects the hard work that went into enhancing our platform this past year. In addition to adopting a mobile responsive design, our platform updates in 2015 include enhanced site performance, advanced search functionality, improved merchandising and promotional capabilities and a streamlined design and user experience.

These platform enhancements put our clients in a prime position to target and capture ecommerce sales this holiday season. Across the board, key purchase funnel metrics improved year-over-year, contributing to a stellar December 24th through Boxing Day:

  • 14% increase in visits year-over-year
  • 29% increase in orders year-over-year
  • 27% increase in revenue per visit year-over-year

Ecommerce strategy and holiday planning is just one of the benefits our clients receive on the Blueport Platform. With the top technology and the leading experts in the industry, we provide a platform that is built specifically for leading furniture retailers, plus marketing, merchandising, customer care and development experts to ensure our retailers’ ecommerce success. We are ecstatic with the results on the Blueport Platform over the holiday season and look forward to helping our clients build on this success in 2016.

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