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Four Critical Components of an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

By Blueport Team May 23, 2017 5:45:13 AM

Think about how many emails flood your inbox a day. Which are the ones that stand out to you? Which emails make you take an action resulting in a purchased product?

An inbox is a busy place and it’s becoming increasingly important to optimize email content to stay ahead of the fold. And, with over 80% of furniture shoppers researching furniture before considering a purchase, a diverse email marketing strategy is required to engage shoppers in all stages of a long, considered path to purchase.

Blueport’s email marketers use a variety of tactics to build a customized and seamless experience for shoppers. A key part of creating these experiences is using data to influence when to email shoppers, what content and imagery to display and how it should look on all devices.


Increase Click Rate with the Latest Mobile Optimization Tactics

While mobile trends evolve with new bells and whistles, one thing remains certain: mobile-optimized, responsive emails are a must. With 93% of websites now mobile-friendly, emails need to keep up with the transition from desktop to mobile.

Sending mobile-friendly emails is an industry-wide standard today, but for furniture, it’s perhaps even more critical for emails to be responsive. A responsive email will scale content and optimize the email for any device that it is viewed on.

Mobile Email Design Trends

Blueport’s email marketers start every email design by asking themselves, “What’s the main action I want shoppers to take?” Along with this, the email must be easy to read and engage with on mobile. Call-to-action buttons on mobile, for instance, should be full-width with larger text than what we’d typically show on a desktop to ensure they’re clickable and easy to read.

At Blueport, we structure emails in a single-column design with large text sizes so that the content will be legible on all mobile devices. We also make small, but significant adjustments such as using live text and images. This way, the email is readable when images are turned off, and doesn’t register as spam or have an increased load time.

Mobile Email Optimization

Use Segmentation Data to Build Trigger Email Campaigns

Creating an impactful, effective trigger email program will engage shoppers while they are actively shopping or better yet, need a reminder about your products to make a purchase.

Trigger programs, like abandon cart emails, target shoppers after a specific behavior or action that occurred on your site. Abandon cart trigger emails are an extremely important touch-point to capture revenue from abandoned carts—on the Blueport Platform alone, shoppers leave an average of $1.5 million in online shopping carts daily.

So next time Mrs. Smith shops sofas on your site, adds one to her cart and leaves the site, be sure to send her an abandoned cart email to remind her of the comfy new sofa that’s still available for purchase in her cart.

Trigger Email Campaigns

Trigger email programs are important, but trigger emails with optimized content will bring your furniture emails to the next level. In other words, sending content that’s irrelevant to your shoppers isn’t the best use of time.

Become your shoppers’ reliable source of information by sending them tailored content related to their behaviors on your site. Say Mrs. Smith browses couches on your site during the holidays, clicks on three different microfiber options, and leaves. This presents the perfect opportunity for a retailer to send an email featuring a buying guide or blog post explaining the benefits of microfiber couches.

Trigger Email Examples

Present Shoppers with Targeted Content

Would you send the same email to a shopper who rarely opens your emails and a shopper who opens your emails and visited the sofa landing page two days ago? If you personalize emails for shoppers who behave differently with targeted imagery, products, calls-to-action, etc., then you’ll deliver the relevant content that will increase product engagement and awareness.

Personalized Email Examples

To encourage furniture shopping engagement, email marketers must establish an email content hierarchy to target and engage shoppers throughout each stage of the purchase journey.

Let the customers tell us what products they want to see, instead of us deciding what products we think they want to see.

At Blueport, we use a mix of content and promotional emails to target shoppers in each stage of their purchase journey. Because emailing all shoppers the same message will earn your email a spot in the junk or trash folder, we personalize the content of emails with specific products, targeted subject lines, relevant offers, and promotions.


Conduct A/B Testing for Email Optimization

Understanding how furniture shoppers will react to certain copy, designs, or products in an email is critical to increasing email performance. A/B testing is an important part of Blueport’s email marketing strategy to enhance the effectiveness of our emails. At Blueport, we test everything from subject lines, design layouts, call-to-actions, product-oriented emails, time sent, etc., allowing us to continuously iterate our emails and increase email engagement.

At Blueport, we test various email types and content for our furniture retail clients to further our success rate. We constantly A/B test to learn, optimize and enhance each email both to get a better understanding of the types of content that appeal to shoppers as well as how to optimize wording to increase engagement.


Blueport’s email marketers continuously strive to include new trends supporting the furniture path-to-purchase and guiding shoppers down the shopping funnel. Learn more about our email and other Ecommerce Help services and stay tuned for more innovative email trends to come.

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