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Don’t Just Tell, SELL! Quick and Easy Steps on Writing Romance Copy for Your Furniture Ecommerce Site

By Blueport Team Jul 21, 2014 8:00:42 PM

Buying furniture, as we all know, is not usually an impulse purchase. Consumers research, research, and do some more research to ensure the product is exactly what they are looking for. Product descriptions are prime real estate for retailers to encourage consumers to go from the research stage to adding items to their cart. But often times, retailers under-utilize romance copy by simply describing the product rather than selling the product.

Tania Rizzi, Catalog Content Manager at Blueport Commerce, shares some tips on how to sell furniture online through rich product copy.

Reel customers in with a hook.

The beginning of your product description should be pithy to get the customer intrigued. Leon’s Sinatra Collection, for example, starts off with a reference to the collection’s namesake:

Your Way. The Sinatra collection will leave you relaxed — and ready to enjoy life! The generously padded seating and luxurious no-gap reclining provide a comfy, casual place to unwind after a long day. Boasting leather everywhere the body touches, this group’s rich walnut finish offers visual depth. Pub-back cushions, pillowtop arms and baseball stitching round out this frankly plush look.

Leons Sinatra

Call out what’s unique.

Zero in on what sets the furniture apart from other pieces (i.e., crackled glass, accents, hidden storage, etc.). Tania suggests highlighting these distinctive features in the romance copy and stating the more standard product info in the bullets below.

Make it meaningful.

Don’t just describe the product, but work it into the shopper’s life. Help the shopper imagine what it would be like to have the furniture in their own home. Furniture shopping should be fun and you want the description to reflect a fun, lighthearted experience. While it is important to convey personality in your product description, don’t exclude customers by going over the top.

But don’t polarize.

You want to work product into a customer’s lifestyle while also giving it a bit of an aspirational feel. But be careful to not polarize certain styles. You don’t want to pigeon-hole customers by implying that the furniture they’re considering is only intended for a certain kind of person.

Ultimately, you want the description to bring the product to life for the customer. Using these tips will help guide you to write meaningful and relevant product descriptions for your customers that ultimately enhances the experience of their well-considered purchase.

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