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Climb The Organic Ranks: SEO Insights from MozCon 2017

By Blueport Team Aug 15, 2017 11:33:28 AM

Whether you like it or not, Google matters to everyone who’s trying to own a slice of the Internet.

At MozCon 2017, a digital marketing conference focused on driving organic search engine traffic, I got to hear from some of the top experts in SEO. Here are three of the top insights that we took away from MozCon that can help you crack the formula to Google’s algorithms—and how you can apply them to digital marketing for furniture retail.


1) Meta Descriptions Impact Organic Rank

For years, meta descriptions (a short HTML tag that summarizes a page) had been thought of as something that affects click-through rate and not organic rank. But Moz’s Brittany Muller discovered through testing that meta descriptions actually do impact organic rank.

As Muller was experimenting with meta descriptions for Moz landing pages, she noticed that misspellings would in fact lead to a drop in rank—but when they fixed the misspelling, there was a noticeable improvement.

This is hugely helpful information to furniture retailers. There’s now more incentive than ever to write unique, compelling meta descriptions for each page on their site—from major landing pages down to product detail pages.


2) Tips When Migrating Your Site

It’s a question that often comes up here as you’re transitioning your site to another domain—after all the SEO work you’ve invested in, to cement reputable organic ranks, how do you retain SEO prowess during domain transitions?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a retailer that recently made that leap from one domain to another, and Jayna Grassel, an SEO Manager there, gave some tips about what to expect in the process.

  • Google understood the new site—but it took 3 months for ranks to stabilize
  • Old pages were indexed for 100 days
  • Google had a grace period for deleted pages

One of Grassel’s biggest tips was to analyze high-level reporting and to dig deeper for insights lying within the granular data.

At the top level, post-migration traffic looks great, according to Grassel, but the true impact was seen at the division and page level. Only by looking deep into the data was her team able to spot that it needed to set up redirects for these smaller pages.


3) Featured Snippets As A Way to Establish Your Furniture Expertise

Dr. Pete Meyers, a Marketing Scientist at Moz, touched upon a lot of marketing topics, including insights related to search engine results page features. Among these features, there are featured snippets, which are pieces of search result content that often answer questions and can help declare your expertise within a certain subject matter.

What is the height of a dining table

Crafting content around questions will help you win “Position 0” in search results.

To be better positioned for this piece of prime real estate on the search engine results page (the top of the page being called “Position 0”), you can start writing content to help Google read through your content more easily. In a search engine moment that places value on questions as search queries, aim to write more content structured around an “Inverted Pyramid” writing model—leading with the main idea first then explaining that idea in further detail.

There are many opportunities to address the furniture shopping experience, meaning there’s the chance to optimize content with featured snippet-worthy structures. Assert your voice as furniture know-it-alls especially in a blog post setting—answering questions related to interior design, type of furniture pieces, and more. By landing more featured snippet spots, you can help drive more traffic to your site.


Google will inevitably influence the search engine marketing game (and not to mention, it’s one they are often changing the rules to as search engine marketing evolves). Talk to one of Blueport’s marketing experts to stay on top of the next developments for this critical territory in retail marketing.

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