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Blueport Hosts Google Next ’19 Extended Boston

By Blueport Team Apr 19, 2019 6:22:41 AM

Google recently put on their annual three-day Google Next ’19 conference in San Francisco, which brings customers, partners, developers, and the global cloud community together to learn about the Google Cloud Platform and other exciting technology from Google. Think advancements in machine learning, application development, hybrid cloud and so much more.

We knew we wanted to be part of this future-thinking experience, so we hosted an Extended Next watch party at our Boston headquarters so everyone could join in on the fun! The entirety of the Blueport technology stack was able to participate, as well as anyone else across the company who wanted to get an inside view of one of the hottest spaces in technology right now.

We also invited other Boston companies from the tech community to drop by and take part too. Manvinder Singh, Head of Infrastructure Partnerships at Google Cloud believes “in an approach that is collaborative, not combative,” and we couldn’t agree more! Getting together technology experts from all over the Greater Boston area sparked engaging conversations and the sharing of best practices within the cutting-edge space that is the cloud.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event – we look forward to hosting again next year!

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