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In her latest report entitled “Five Retail E-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2011”, Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru has outlined several main areas that retailers should focus on when trying to boost their ecommerce store sales this year. Here are a few highlights that I think are particularly of note for retailers in less traditional ecommerce categories:

Retailers must boost their multi channel offerings: Consumer shopping behavior is changing, and in 2011 retailers will need to continue to ensure they are offering a seamless experience, online and in- store.  Mulpuru encourages retailers to deploy kiosks inside bricks and mortar stores to help customers do product research in store, as well as offering more buy online, pick up in store options.  According to Forrester, only 12% of retailers have kiosks and 10% have in-store pickup.

Tablet commerce: Forrester says retailers must cater to a growing legion of customers shopping via their tablet computer or smartphones. These tools are enabling consumers to shop, whenever and wherever they please, and as such retailers need to ensure their sites are optimized across all these digital channels.

Integrating mobile into the in-store shopping experience: While not every customer is comfortable purchasing products via their mobile phone, Mulpuru encourages retailers to use the mobile channel to provide information to customers on the go that will help draw them in to the store and supplement their shopping experience.  For example, providing store locations and hours or using geolocation apps to reward customers for visiting your store.

You can read about the rest of the ecommerce trends outlined by Forrester here.

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