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A recent DMNews article about the challenges multichannel marketers face in using social media to reach local customers caught my eye.  According to research from Harris Interactive, seventy-two percent of brand managers believe social media can be powerful in connecting with customers globally, but not necessarily at a local level.

Almost half (48%) of the brand managers surveyed by Harris find measuring ROI a challenge to connecting with local retail markets, while 45% cited managing and maintaining information as an obstacle. Additionally, 42% pointed to engaging audiences as a challenge for localized social media marketing.

In short, even across social media networks, your customers are still looking for a local message that is relevant to them.

While national or global campaigns are important for elevating a retailers' image, localized content helps consumers to relate to you and your products.  Localization is at the heart of our approach at Blueport and it drives the ecommerce strategies for all of our multichannel retail clients.

Social media is a natural extension of any multichannel retailer's online strategy and it's a no brainer that this too needs to have a localized flavor.  When used to connect with consumers at a local, regional level, your social media presence will become a true cross-channel sales driver integrated with your overall localized internet retail strategy.

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